Our Core Services

OS|TECH can help you with outstanding professional services.
Here are our core areas of expertise:

Software Engineering

Whether you need a desktop app, web app, RESTful API, or something totally different, we can get your project developed and into production on time and within budget.

IT Solutions

Need hosting for your website? How about a security audit of your application? From server buildout to hosting, OS|TECH has the skills and expertise to get you moving.


OS|TECH can provide training for you and your team in a number of areas, including:

SDLC Best Practices
Agile Methologies
Security Best Practices
Customized Training Plans

Remote and onsite options are available for all training subjects.

Integration Services

OS|TECH helps clients integrate even the most complex systems. From CRM integrations to payment processing and business intelligence hubs, OS|TECH can help.